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How Can FinTech Companies Accelerate Their Sales Process?

Selling to Financial Institutions is hard, we know that, you know that. We all know about the lengthy sales process and how it can affect the success of early stage FinTech companies. Rarely people talk about what can be done to solve this. One of the most important hires in early stage technology business is sales people, not less important is having a clear sales strategy. Finding great people who understand the industry, are good at sales and also have connections to reach out to potential clients is difficult, or if you do succeed it is expensive. This is why we set up Finceler8 – to help FinTech companies accelerate their sales process with an experienced team, strategy and network. We have worked with multiple FinTech companies and we interviewed Da Wei, Founder of Orbit Sentiment Analytics, one of our clients to share their experience with you. We have also interviewed one of our Founders Jon Carp to share our perspective on working with both Fintech companies and Financial Institutions. You can download the case study here

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