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How Finceler8 works for Investors

Finceler8 recognises that Angels/VCs/PE Firms and In-house Investment Funds need to see organic sales growth from their portfolio companies. Building Sales Teams is expensive and risky and often beyond the affordability and experience of early stage companies.


Organic sales growth drives valuation enhancement faster than any other factor. Our research has shown that investors do not want to bear the sales management and expertise cost in the management company. Finceler8’s services are designed to maximise your return on investment.


Finceler8 offers a fractional ownership model enabling each FinTech company to benefit from our experience and scale, whilst minimising cash burn as well as  operational and recruitment risk.


Investors can be confident that the FinTech companies are benefiting from both strategic sales planning as well as execution enhancement – a win-win for both internal and external shareholders.


Finceler8 engages with investors further offering early access to interesting validated FinTech companies at different stages of their development. Please contact us for further information on how we can help with your strategy.

. . . new start-ups are launched monthly, if not weekly. While some have expanded quickly, others have taken longer to evolve—much to the disappointment of their backers and potential partners. Russia's Sberbank recently discontinued its three-year-old SBT Venture Capital after failing to see the results it wanted, said Mircea Mihaescu, who led that initiative until early December. The bank committed $100 million in late 2012 to the venture arm, which has invested $47 million of that in 11 start-ups, before deciding to change strategies. "They didn't realize that it takes time for start-ups to get to the level of maturity where they have more than one or two customers,"  Mihaescu said*.”



“The general laws of growing a start-up do not apply uniformly in fin tech. Most startups end up being surprised by how slowly they gain traction…. because ….selling to finserv incumbents is taking much longer than they thought.”


(Pascal Bouvier venture partner at Santander InnoVentures 6 January 2016)


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