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How Finceler8 works for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions are aware that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. A key challenge is that existing resources are used on maintaining and expanding existing systems and to solve an immediate problem or project. Firms are constrained by the traditional budgeting model and the traditional organisational model. Heads of business are aware that they need to move faster but breaking out of existing processes is hard. Expert help is needed.


Finceler8 helps Financial Institutions by bringing structure to the process of identifying current and future technology partners that can help deliver a better return on investment through accurate matching of solutions to requirements, cost savings or enhanced revenue opportunities.


We work closely with each institution to match validated companies to their specified requirements. We work with Financial Institutions of all sizes to source and advise on tech companies and solutions available in the market – taking away much of the time consuming work involved with sourcing ‘fit for purpose’ vendors whether it be for a specific project or a longer term solution.

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