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Accelerating  FinTech Engagement  Within Financial Markets

The measure of our success is our clients' success

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Fintech consultants

FinTech companies benefit from a dedicated team of sales people with over 200 years of experience in sales and business development within Financial Markets. Delivered at a fraction of the cost and at lower risk than building the same capabilities in-house.

Fintech consultants

Finceler8 works with Financial Institutions to identify and match long term validated partners, offering robust and innovative solutions to their business requirements.

Fintech consultants

Investors receive early access to validated FinTech companies. Portfolio companies benefit from sales acceleration by engaging with target and real customers.

What We Do

Finceler8 and everyone we engage with have a common belief that companies should grow through sales revenues and profitability. This makes them better partners and investments for Financial Institutions.


Finceler8 is a London based company with a wide network of Financial Institutional relationships built over many years, offering sales acceleration and business development services to FinTech companies and FinTech support services to Financial Institutions.


Through our deep understanding of financial markets they we accelerate the commercial engagement process between FinTech companies and Financial Institutions. We introduce new solutions in an ever changing enviroment.


Finceler8 Business Model

fintech consultants

Our success is underpinned by delivering a quality, results driven service to FinTech companies whilst simultaneously giving Financial Institutions an independent detailed knowledge of emerging FinTech companies.

The Challenge

The challenge for FinTech companies is getting on the radar of the Financial Institutions that they want to do business with.

The challenge for Financial Institutions is knowing which are the right FinTech companies to engage with and knowing which of those have the ability to succeed. 

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Founding Team

Finceler8 founders have a combined 100+ years experience of  working and selling into Financial Market institutions. They hold a common belief that delivering product combined with sales revenues are fundamental to a companies long term success.  Their experience shows that clients must be found – they will not come to you.

Carl Rogers

Carl has spent over 25 years in sales and marketing positions, providing data, research and software to financial institutions, having built an extensive network working for blue chip companies like Thomson Reuters, SS&C and S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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Jon Carp

Jon has 34 years of experience of working in Financial Markets. Starting his career in 1982 working for Cazenove and Co. He moved to NMW Computers prior to Big Bang in 1986 in a Sales and Account Management capacity selling Market Making, Settlement and Portfolio Management systems to Banks and Brokers.

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Rupert Bull

Rupert has over 25 years of international experience and a wide-ranging network. He is a successful entrepreneur having co-founded, built, and sold Expand Research, the leading Capital Markets benchmarking and research business to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

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